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drive autoX rules

Rules and Classes

The Summit Racing Autocross Week presented by UMI Performance is an event which all vehicles and drivers must comply with SFI certs and DOT rules. In-between each track, all competition vehicles are required to move under own their own power.  They are not permitted be trailered, pushed or pulled, flown or floated between tracks.

2024 DriveAutoX Rules

  • Conduct detrimental to the series/sponsors/competitors: All competitors of DriveAutoX shall uphold the Basic Event Rules to promote, elevate and enhance the name, brand and reputation of the organization, including its staff, directors, sponsors, volunteers and all those affiliated in any way with DriveAutoX. ANY act that is ruled to be detrimental to the event, series,   sponsors, or staff may result in a championship points penalty or removal from the event and/or series. The competition director will have complete discretion to implement penalties for any reason. Rules, infraction level, or “spirit of the event” interpretation will be at the sole discretion of the event competition director, steering committee or event organizers, and all decisions are final.

  • All vehicles entered into the series must be domestic or import, four-wheeled vehicles that are licensed for regular street use.

  • Gasoline, E-85, diesel fuel, bio-diesel, hydrogen, and electricity are the only fuel/power sources to be used in vehicles entered in the events. Nitrous oxide, alcohol and nitro methane are prohibited.

  • All entrants/drivers must have a current and valid government issued driver’s license and must be at least 16 years of age. All drivers under the age of 18 must have a parent/legal guardian waiver signed during registration.

  • Participants may not register more than one vehicle per event.

  • A car may not have more than two registered drivers.

  • Participating cars must pass a technical inspection that will emphasize safety. Safety features such as racing specific harnesses, roll cages/bars, fire systems, etc., are acceptable and highly encouraged.

  • Helmet use is required - helmets must have a SNELL rating SA2015 or newer. M or DOT rated helmets are not acceptable.

  • Head and Neck Restraints - SFI 38.1 or FIA 8856-2010, or SFI 3.3 neck collar MUST be worn during all autocross segments

  • Classes: All cars must weigh at least 95% of the factory published curb weight without the driver. The Official Steward has final decision on car classification and reserves the right to place certain vehicles into an appropriate class.

    • GT – 1990 and newer 4 seat coupes and sedans (late model Mustang (V8), Camaro, Cadillac BMW, etc.)

    • GTV – 1989 and older 4 seat coupes and sedans, including C1-C3 Corvettes and AMX

    • GTU – Unlimited sports car (C4-C8 Corvette, any AWD, any 3 rotor, and all modern mid and rear- engine vehicles)

    • GTT - (Pro-touring truck/SUV/van) - Front engine, SRWD (single rear wheel drive) or AWD truck/SUV/van vehicles with a minimum weight of 2900 pounds built on a truck chassis and marketed as truck/SUV/van from the factory (example - Chevy C or S series, Ford F series, Trailblazer, Explorer, etc.) Eligible vehicles must be factory height or lower. Trucks must have at least 50% bed floor coverage including wheel wells that cover the tires, and a tail gate or other solid rear panel. Bed floor must be the entire width of the bed and does not include wheel well measurements. It is measured front to rear, not in square footage. Example - an 8’ bed must have at least 48” of bed floor the entire width of the bed not including the wheel wells. Bed floor can be stock, aftermarket or fabricated. For safety, bed covers must be of a rigid material and require an integral connection to the truck bed, or they must be removed prior to entering the event.

    • SCB – Sport compact turbo and supercharged vehicles (4/6 cylinder or 2 rotor, 4 Cyl. EcoBoost Mustang, no AWD)

    • SCN – Sport compact naturally aspirated vehicles (4/6 cylinder or 2 rotor, no AWD)

    • Outlaw – “Run whatcha brung and hope you brought enough”. This class is for all vehicles that don’t fit into the above classes, lightweight cars and kit cars. Lightweight, heavy mods, this is for you. Must follow posted tire rules.

  • Vehicles entered in competition may be weighed at any time during the event, including tech. Drivers are required to have credible documentation on hand to prove factory published curb weight. Manufacturer websites, technical sites and vehicle specific forums are good places to gather this info. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. All entries not meeting the mandated weight requirements will be immediately moved to the No Limit Outlaw class.

  • Tires - Participants in all classes must use DOT approved, non-competition, treaded (non- grooved) street tires (no competition radials, no R compound, drag radials) with a treadwear rating of 200 or higher. Eligible tires must be a) in sufficient supply; and b) commercially available to the general public. Tires will be required to pass a technical inspection. Any modifications or chemical treatments to tires will be unacceptable. Competitors with tires showing any evidence of modification will be immediately disqualified from the event. Safety is of the utmost importance and officials will not hesitate to disqualify questionable tire selections. Ineligible tires: Kumho Ecsta V720 ACR, Vitour P1, and other models that do not meet the above stated criteria. If in doubt, please contact competition officials before buying tires –

  • AERO - Splitters, spoilers, wings, and canards are open – bring it!

  • All vehicles must run a complete exhaust system with mufflers and must not exceed 103dB at 50 feet if tested. Tested vehicles exceeding 103dB will be immediately removed from competition and given an opportunity to correct the problem. Two noise violations during a single event will result in disqualification from the event.

  • Seatbelts or safety harnesses must be properly installed, lap-belts only will be allowed providing they are mounted in the original factory location.

  • The official time for each run will be as measured by the automatic timer plus any penalties incurred.

  • A two-second penalty will be imposed for knocking a pylon over or out of its outlined box. If the pylon is left standing and touching any part of its outlined box, it is not a penalty. Pointer or "lay down" cones are considered directional aids and do not impose a penalty

  • A DNF (did not finish) will be imposed for knocking a pylon over or out of its outlined box after the finish beam.

  • A participant's official Pursuit Bracket qualifying time for the event will be the lowest combined timed lap from both days of the qualifying sessions.

  • The top eight qualifiers from each class will advance into the seeded Pursuit Bracket finals. Two driver cars, where both drivers are qualifiers, must choose a single driver to advance to the Pursuit Bracket finals.

  • Burnouts, excessive speed, or any other dumb stuff on property or in the grid/staging area is strictly prohibited and will result in a penalty or dismissal from the event.

  • No open toe shoes or sandals/flip flops allowed on course.

  • Infraction Levels:

    • Level 1 infraction – minor – 1-3 championship point deduction

    • Level 2 infraction – major – 4-6 championship point deduction

    • Level 3 infraction – severe – 7-10 championship point deduction

drive autox points system

22nd and beyond will all receive 1 championship point.

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